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Dr. Neville Smith

In Memory of Dr. Neville Smith, Board Certified Radiologist, co-founder of West Coast Ultrasound Institute, and Medical Director of Ultrasound Institute Medical Group, Inc.

Dr. Smith was dedicated to enhancing quality education in the art and science of Medical Sonography, MRI and Nursing. We honor his memory and his contributions to WCUI in maintaining quality education, curriculum innovation, and an effective course of clinical rotations. Dr. Smith also created an affordable ultrasound clinic for serving the less fortunate members of the Los Angeles area. WCUI is in perpetual gratitude for having been a part of his vision which still is viable today. Although we no longer have the pleasure of having a personal relationship with him, we continue to admire the footprints he left behind as his legacy is carried on through the students and staff that knew and loved him, and all of those who have followed.