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Phoenix Campus Certified as Veteran Supportive Campus & Employer


Susan Ciardullo, Regional Director of Community Outreach, has led the push and Phoenix has recently been able to attain two key steps regarding Veteran Support:

1) The Phoenix campus is now a Certified Veteran Supportive Campus through the Arizona Department of Veterans' Services ( )

2) The Phoenix campus is now a designated Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer through the Arizona Coalition for Military Families ( )

We're very proud of these acknowledgements. We want to align ourselves with--and honor--those that have fought for our country. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will be proclaiming November “Veteran Employment Month” and WCUI is being invited to the Arizona State Capitol on November 2nd in order to be recognized! We're planning to also honor our military students in Arizona the next day on November 3rd at the Phoenix campus. We're now also pursuing similar acknowledgements in California, although Arizona is the trend-setter in these areas. Under state law (ARS 41-609), Arizona post secondary institutions may request certification if they demonstrate that they have identified the needs and issues of student veterans, faculty and staff to help develop programs that best support student veterans. 

Thanks to everyone who made this a reality and thanks to all of the veterans we employ and all of our veteran students!

What does the Veteran Supportive Campus certification mean?

WCUI has program services including:
  • a campus steering committee including veterans,
  • conducting student veteran surveys,
  • a resource center for student veterans,
  • new student veteran orientation and peer support,
  • sensitivity and awareness training for faculty and staff, and
  • community outreach to veterans.
What does the Veteran Supportive Employer certification mean?
Employers who apply for certification must demonstrate they have programs in place to C.A.R.E. about veterans in the workplace:
C = Connect to the culture (key personnel have knowledge and training about military/veteran culture)
A = Ask the right questions at the right time (selected personnel have been trained as Military/Veteran Resource Navigators)
R = Respond Effectively (key staff have training around hiring, managing and retaining military-affiliated employees)
E = Engage in the military/veteran community (designated point of contact engages with the Military/Veteran Resource Network and community)

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