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WCUI Phoenix Certified as Veteran Supportive Campus

Phoenix Campus Director George Fitzpatrick waiting to sign in after Veteran Faculty member Dale Butler (US Army).

West Coast Ultrasound Institute is proud to have become certified as a Veteran Supportive Campus by the Arizona Department of Veteran Services. To gain this certification, the school had to demonstrate its active commitment to supporting veterans by referring them to the right resources at the right times.

Attached are four pictures from our Veteran Supportive Campus Training, presented by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families on July 30. About 20 staff and faculty attended the 2-hour training, which was interactive and included real-life drills and video coverage of actual military operations.

Brave volunteer and faculty member Dr. Ed Griffen, with Mario in his combat gear for a demonstration.

How does a campus or institution qualify as a Veterans Supportive Campus? Below is a listing of the criteria to be considered:

-Conduct a campus survey of student veterans to identify the needs, issues, and suggestions of veterans.

-Establish a campus steering committee consisting of student veterans, faculty, and staff to share information and to develop programs to establish or strengthen a Veteran Supportive Campus based on best practices, which also integrates campus culture and identifies the real needs of the student veteran.

-Conduct sensitivity and awareness training on military and veterans’ culture, including related issues such as traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, physical and mental disabilities, suicide, and hyper-vigilance for faculty and staff.

-Establish student veteran orientation programs, including student veteran guides for the first day on campus, an optional student veteran orientation session, and at least one optional-only course 
taught by a veteran or by a trained volunteer on veteran issues.

-Have peer mentoring and peer support programs for student veterans.

-Develop and implement outreach strategies to local military bases.

-Have one-stop resource and study centers on campus for student veterans, their families, and student family members of the Armed Forces who are currently deployed.

-Promote community-based collaborations to allow the private sector to support veteran’s resource centers through financial and in-kind gifts.

Administrative staff participating in the training.

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