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WCUI Graduate Spotlight shines on Quanesha Michelle Morgan

WCUI Graduate Spotlight shines on Quanesha Michelle Morgan

Quanesha Michelle Morgan has always been a member of the healthcare community, but she didn’t always know that the journey would involve going back to school for ultrasound and eventually owning her own business.  Quanesha started her career in phlebotomy and spent seven years mastering her craft before deciding that she wanted to increase her skills so that she could touch people in a more meaningful and hands-on way.  She looked into nursing before realizing that ultrasound technicians can earn a similar living and go to school for less time than is the case with nurses.  She soon enrolled in ultrasound school at West Coast Ultrasound Institute, which was not without its fair share of challenges for the aspiring tech. 

Quanesha recalls once failing her year-end scanning test, and having to practice tirelessly before she was finally able to pass with flying colors.  She also remembers that although some people doubted her, it was the teachers like Dr. Emad, Mark Galliano, and Zack Alsunna that believed in her that gave her the strength to persevere and ultimately succeed beyond her expectations.  In the process of her studies, Quanesha learned about the possibility of opening up a mobile ultrasound business, and became excited by the idea.  Although it sounded discouragingly expensive, Quanesha decided that she would try to prove herself and start her own business. 

In the meantime, she entered a demanding externship period in which she ultimately impressed her instructors enough to be hired by her externship site and be paid to train with the other techs.  Yet she still could not give up on the idea of working for herself.  Another obstacle presented itself as her mom passed away as Quanesha was just getting started in her new career, and yet her mother’s death ended up being the blessing in disguise that Quanesha need to kick-start the dream of her owning her own company into existence.  Her mother knew about Quanesha’s dream to start her own business and left her the seed money to help her achieve her dream upon her passing.  The budding entrepreneur, with the blessing of her mom, used the money to buy her own ultrasound machine and began operating as a mobile ultrasound clinic in Yuma, Arizona.  Before long, Quanesha had enough patients to warrant hiring other techs, and so in an act of selflessness and giving back to the school that trained her, Quanesha began hiring recent graduates from WCUI to help grow her business. 

When asked what the now successful business woman had to say to students who are just starting out in ultrasound school, Quanesha said that she would tell students to “keep going and don’t give up…some people doubted me, but I had teachers who had faith in me.  If anyone doubts you, be the best you can be.  Get all your boards and climb the ladder, the sky is the limit!” Finally, Quanesha’s sense of spirituality is most important to her, and she ultimately attributes all of her successes to the “glory of God” and believes that she “would be nothing without Christ.”

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