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Why you should consider a career as a vocational nurse

Why should you consider a career as a vocational nurse?

For those who are interested in the healthcare industry, always up for a challenge, looking for a career path with many opportunities for advancement, eager to give back to society, and searching for great starting pay, a career in nursing can be the answer. Nursing is a noble career that allows you to help those that are suffering from disease and pain, and sometimes even save the lives of others. There are countless reasons to become a vocational nurse, including the idea that you are helping society in a very big way. So if you are not sure whether to consider a career in nursing, and would like a little more insight into what makes this line of work so special, look no further than what we've written below…

1. Job Security– Healthcare is one sector of the economy that will always be in demand as the population grows, people live longer, and the number of sick, diseased, and injured people increase.  Therefore there will always be opportunities in nursing to care for these people and thereby maintain a high level of job security. 

2. Numerous opportunities for specialization– As a nurse, you can choose to specialize in different areas of the field including pediatrics, psychiatry, or oncology. As you progress in your career, you can become a nursing manager and train other nurses as well as work with electronic healthcare records and medical informatics.

3. Flexible schedules– You can never put a price on the importance of your free time, and nursing is a perfect career in regard to having ample free time when you want it. You can work three days in a row of twelve-hour shifts and have the other four days off to do what you wish. You can also work 4 ten-hour shifts over four days, or the more traditional five day eight-hour shifts, as well as choosing between full-time or part-time work depending on your needs.

4. Are you up for a challenge?– Every shift, as a nurse, you are being faced with new patients and new sets of symptoms and ailments. Even though you will start out doing more routine tasks like writing up charts, taking the patients’ vital signs, doing patient reports for doctors, the overall job experience is ever changing and diverse.

5. Mobility– Once you begin your career as a nurse, you have a ticket to move about the country which means that once you get licensed in one state, you can apply to get “reciprocity” to work in other states as well. So if you decide to move from one state to another, you can be sure that your job will travel with you.

6. Short Training– Unlike other healthcare practitioners, you can become a licensed vocational nurse in as little as eighteen months, while RN’s and NP’s can take between two to four years, depending how much responsibility and what pay level you are seeking.

7. Great Pay– As a licensed vocational nurse, you can expect to get a salary of over $40,000 a year to start, which is a pretty substantial salary for a position that takes less than two years to attain.

8. Insurance Coverage– As a nurse in the healthcare industry, you will be entitled to near full life coverage for yourself and your family members.

9. Opportunities for Advancement– In the healthcare industry, as well as in nursing, you get many opportunities to advance through the ranks as well as receive higher pay as your experience level increases.

10. Giving back to the community– Being a nurse empowers you to be able to heal and help others who are suffering in pain or who are dealing with disease.  Seeing others recover and feel better thanks to your actions gives rise to a great sense of satisfaction as well as a sense of reward at the end of a long workday.

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