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Forbes selects West Coast Ultrasound Institute as a Top 20 US Trade School

West Coast Ultrasound Institute (WCUI) in Beverly Hills, CA, with branch campuses in Ontario, CA and Phoenix, AZ, has landed near the top of a new educational ranking list recently put out by Forbes Magazine.  WCUI weighed in at number 20 for the best trade schools in the country, calculated based on a mixture of graduate earnings, affordability, and overall quality. All of the data used in the study came directly from the federal government and is based on figures that the schools filed with the Department of Education.

Each year, Forbes ranks hundreds of colleges and universities across the country to help students determine which school is going to give them the biggest bang for their bucks. But now for the first time, Forbes has turned its powerful attention to trade schools.

“We find value in highlighting the nation’s 442 two-year trade schools in a time when the country… [is] so fixated on around the arguably overstated importance of a four-year college degree” the writer stated in the article.

So late last month, the magazine did just that, highlighting top trade schools in a list titled "The Top 30 Two-Year Trade Schools: Colleges That Fight the Nation's Skills Gap." The list focuses on schools that offer degrees in nursing and technical fields, and it ranked them primarily on earnings, affordability, and quality.

Forbes wanted to know if the experience and the cost of these colleges made it worthwhile for students to attend these schools’ programs. In other words, they wanted to find out which schools provided the best Return on Investment (ROI) for its graduates; and WCUI was proud to be selected among the top schools on that important list.

The article also went on to emphasize the importance of trade schools in closing the skills gap in the US. Experts told Forbes that there is an abundance of jobs across the country that isn’t being filled because there simply aren't enough workers getting the proper education to fill them.